Game Keyboard 
using Cursor Movement

Play any PC Video Game or
Control any Object in 3 Dimensions
using only 4 keys on the Game Keyboard

RotateWalkPunchKickRunJumpCrouchCrawlFight (2D)DriveHoverFlyXYZ Map Movement

This patented invention is the only technology that allows a user to use the 4 cursor control keys on a computer keyboard or 4 touch zones on a touch screen interface (i.e. iPad) to play any video game or control any virtual reality environment. The Game Keyboard uses the up , down , left and right cursor keys on a computer keyboard (or any four keys assigned for movement) to move forward, backward, up, down, left, right, or any desired direction or for performing any desired action. On the computer keyboard; the middle finger controls the up and down cursor keys one key at a time, both keys sequentially or both keys simultaneously, the index finger controls the left cursor key and the ring finger controls the right cursor key. Individual key presses, sequential key presses or simultaneous key presses of four keys produces the desired movement or action using the Game Keyboard control technology described below. The technique of using individual key presses, sequential key presses and simultaneous key presses is called chording, and is used by pianists, stenographers, braille typists, computer keyboards, etc. A printable version of the Game Keyboard explanation is on and a License link, which includes a $1.00 (Royalty Free) License for All Free Downloaded Video Games, is available at the bottom of every page. A copy of the FOUR SENSOR CONTROL patent application is on the FOUR_SENSOR_CONTROL_Patent.html page and a copy of the FOUR SENSOR CONTROL continuation in part patent application is on the FOUR_SENSOR_CONTROL_(CIP)_Patent.html page.

Game Keyboard Rotates
Game Keyboard Walks
Game Keyboard Punches
Game Keyboard Kicks
Game Keyboard Runs
Game Keyboard Jumps
Game Keyboard Crouches
Game Keyboard Crawls

Game Keyboard Fights

Game Keyboard Drives

Game Keyboard Hovers

Game Keyboard Flies

Game Keyboard 3D Map Movement
(Satellite View / Google Earth)

On a phone keypad, use the star [*] key as the left cursor key, the number sign [#] key as the right cursor key, the eight [8] key as the up cursor key and the zero [0] key as the down cursor key to move forward, backward, up, down, left, right, or any direction or for any desired action.

——►     Game Developers program PC Video Game control using combinations of down scan codes (active) and up scan codes (inactive), produced by the keys on a computer keyboard or electronic device.

——►     The Game Keyboard produces simple one handed chordic game movement control and action using only 4 keys, which is unlike any other technology used in the past.

——►     Hand held video game controllers are limited in the amount of functions they can perform, because they have a limited amount of keys, unlike the 101 key computer keyboard.

——►     Laptops are becoming faster and are being made with better and faster video game cards. Very soon, all video games will be able to be played on any laptop computer. Children who grew up playing video games on their game console Microsoft XBox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, etc., will all probably have laptops as they get older, and play their favorite video games on their laptops.

——►     The Game Keyboard allows easy game control and movement on any computer keyboard or laptop computer keyboard using the up , down , left and right keys or any four keys assigned for movement and control.

——►     The Game Keyboard can be used for movement using: accelerometers, biometric sensors, biosensors, flex sensors, micro force sensors, motion sensors, optical sensors, piezoelectric force sensors, position sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, touch sensors, touch screen sensors, contact switch, detector switch, dimmer switch, dual motion switch, electromechanical switch, key switch, membrane switch, pushbutton switch, rocker switch, rotary switch, toggle switch, vertical touch switch, etc.

License: US Patent 7,160,042 and Patents Pending
Includes: $1.00 (Royalty Free) License for All Free Downloaded Video Games

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